Healing & freedom through dance

Please join us once or twice a month on a Friday night to shake, hop, stomp, swing, twirl your cares away.  This fun and freeing experience is led by Episcopal priest Jennifer Pedrick.

Through guided and free-form movement you can find some freedom, joy and a community of like minded movers!  Jennifer will put you at ease and bring a smile to your face through her sweet and inspiring guidance.  No dance skill is needed...come as you are.  The Gathering Room is open for refreshments and conversation after the class.

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When you delve into your mind-body-emotional system, you can change old patterns and rewrite your old story. When you no longer waste time beating yourself up, focusing on past mistakes, and not doing what you love…. When you learn to work with your mind chatter and your emotional waves and honor yourself…. YOU get TIME back!! YOU get inner SPACE to BE!!