Gentle Yoga

Come, find YOUR sacred center!  

Join Rev Shelley for a devotional, embodied yoga experience; slow-paced, gentle movement blended with meditation, healing sound & inspired readings.  This class will help you release physical tension & mental stress while fostering flexibility, deep relaxation, a feeling of being centered, calm, peaceful & bathed in Divine Love.  Well suited for those new to yoga, those wanting a slower pace, or with minor physical limitations. Props to bring: yoga mat, 2 blocks, strap, blanket. 

Settle, Breathe, Smile, You are Loved.

Yoga for All 

Come, find YOUR sacred center in a supportive, welcoming atmosphere. This all-levels class will include inspiring readings, mindful meditation and yoga poses that emphasize building strength & flexibility. We start with slow stretches to awaken energy and then transition into a circuit of the body’s full range of motion, ending with guided relaxation. This is a mixed-levels class with modifications offered to make it more gentle or more powerful. Props to bring: yoga mat, 2 blocks, strap, blanket.

Settle, Breathe, Smile, You are Loved.

*When this class is held at Common Fence Point, you can choose to attend in person or by Zoom.  

Register on Eventbrite and get the Zoom link.

Gentle Yin Yoga with Rev Shelley

@ Innerlight Yoga Studio, 850 Aquidneck Ave, in the Middletown Commons

Beginning Oct 19th, 7:00-8:30 PM on Wednesdays. Come, find YOUR sacred center!  Join Rev Shelley for a devotional, meditative, embodied yoga experience; slow-paced, gentle poses and deep, long held stretches blended with inspired readings.  This class will help you release physical tension & mental stress while fostering flexibility, deep relaxation, in a spiritual atmosphere.  Well suited for all regardless of yoga experience. Settle, Breathe, Relax, You are Loved. * Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket.

Space is limited to 20 so Pre-registration is needed through Eventbrite for $15.

Hiking & Yoga with Rev Shelley @ Norman Bird Sanctuary

Lace up your hiking boots, slip on a sweatshirt over your yoga clothing, grab your mat & blanket and meet us at Mabel’s Lawn for Hiking & Yoga. This class runs from 9:30-10:45 AM Saturdays, at the Norman Bird Sanctuary. When the weather is good, we will have a brisk walk for about 30 minutes followed by yoga on the lawn, or if it is too chilly, we will have yoga in the barn. If it is raining we will have yoga only in the barn at 9:30. Please dress in layers according to the weather and in clothing that allows you to do some stretching. This is a great way to enjoy Nature, connect with each other and enhance your fitness routine. Pay what you wish with a suggested range of $10-$20 cash, check or Venmo upon arrival or on Eventbrite.

Gentle Yoga & Sacred Sounds

 Join Interfaith Reverend & yoga teacher Shelley Dungan accompanied by scientist & musician Greg Sabatino for a wonderful contemplative experience.  We will enjoy gathering in the newly renovated CFP Community Center for gentle yoga and a sacred sound journey.  We will stretch, breathe, relax and open ourselves to the healing quality of gentle yoga and the relaxing sounds of the crystal bowls, handpan, gongs and other assorted sound bath instruments.  Each yoga practice and sound journey will be unique. No yoga experience is needed.  Please bring your yoga mat, large blanket and firm pillow. This gathering is offered the THIRD SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH, 6:00-7:30 PM beginning Nov 20th 2022. Tickets are $20 on Eventbrite.

Full Moon Yoga & Sound Journeys (seasonal)

Please join Rev Shelley Dungan and others for an evening of gentle yoga, meditation, sound & community.  Our intention will be to honor the potent, sacred, feminine energy of the full moon as we pause to contemplate the fullness of our blessings. This will be an opportunity for you to connect with the universe within as well as the Universe around you. Come. Breathe, Smile, You are Loved.

Sunday Morning Restore (seasonal)
A Sunday Morning Contemplative Gathering at Common Fence Point Hall with Rev Shelley.  Are you looking for spiritual nourishment & a gentle pathway to your inner sacred center? If so, please join us as we stretch, breathe, relax & pray.  This will be an hour of sacred poetry, restorative yoga, contemplative prayerful practices & meditations uniquely blended to promote peace, healing & freedom.  

* Chairs will be available to make this gathering accessible for those whose mobility is limited.

* Please wear comfy clothing & bring a pillow, blanket & yoga mat if you wish to use one.

* Following class, all participants are invited to stay for coffee, tea & guided conversation on ways to cultivate the inner life.