Gentle Yoga

Come, find YOUR sacred center!

Join Rev Shelley for a devotional, embodied yoga experience; slow-paced, gentle movement blended with meditation & inspired readings.  This class will help you release physical tension & mental stress while fostering flexibility, deep relaxation, a feeling of being centered, calm, peaceful & bathed in Divine Love. This will be an opportunity for you to connect with the universe within as well as the Universe around you. Well suited for those new to yoga, wanting a slower pace, or with minor physical limitations. Props needed: yoga mat, 2 blocks, strap, blanket. Settle, Breathe, Smile, You are Loved.

Community Yoga for All - 

Come, find YOUR sacred center while immersed in Mother Nature’s healing energy. These classes takes place on Third Beach as well as the Norman Bird Sanctuary, both in Middletown as weather allows.  You will enjoy a blend of Gentle Yoga and All levels Yoga designed to be accessible for everyone in good general health regardless of experience. Please bring a big blanket to do yoga on and dress in layers.

Yoga for All @ CFP

Come, find YOUR sacred center in a supportive, welcoming setting. This all-levels class will include inspiring readings, mindful meditation and yoga poses that emphasize building strength & flexibility. We start with slow stretches to awaken energy and then transition into a circuit of the body’s full range of motion, ending with guided relaxation. Props suggested: yoga mat, 2 blocks, strap, blanket

Full Moon Gratitude Gathering

Please join Rev Shelley Dungan and others for an evening of gentle yoga, meditation, sound & community.  Our intention will be to honor the potent, sacred, feminine energy of the full moon as we pause to contemplate the fullness of our blessings. This will be an opportunity for you to connect with the universe within as well as the Universe around you. Come. Breathe, Smile, You are Loved.

Yo-Gong (Yoga and Qigong) 

The powerful mind body practices of yoga and qigong unite in this class to promote strength and flexibility and enhance the healing state of relaxation. This class will enhance your awareness of the qi energy within the body and encourage its circulation within, moving you closer along your journey towards health and well-being.

(No experience is needed. They will need a blanket.)

Tai Chi Easy (45 minuutes)

Tai Chi Easy is a carefully developed approach to Tai Chi that makes it easy, beneficial and fun, right away. Research shows that this gentle movement practice can support disease prevention, accelerate healing, lower stress and reduce medical visits. (no experience needed)

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