You will need to book your class using Vagaro.  There is a Vagaro app available for download in order to take classes on your iphone or go to Vagaro.com to create your free account and take classes from your laptop or desktop.

(Please be sure not to create an account under "Vagaro Pro" that is for businesses)

Once on Vagaro, simply search for The Sacred Center.

Here is a TUTORIAL on using Vagaro in order to book a class with me.

Please email or call if you have questions: 860-965-9995

Namaste, Rev Shelley

You will need:

  • a yoga mat, 
  • a yoga block or two 
  • a bolster or firm cushion 
  • a strap
  • a yoga blanket or large beach towel. 

 You may want:

  • a lighted candle to set a spiritual atmosphere
  • soft background music since I cannot offer any at this time
  • aromatherapy (perhaps some lavender oil)
  • an eye pillow for Savasana
  • a heating pad to lay on if you have a sore back or just want to be cozy

This class is for YOU!

Namaste, Rev Shelley