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We are so pleased you want to practice yoga with us!   Here is what you need to know:

~ To attend Yoga on the Beach, you can just show up and drop in for $10 cash OR you can book your class on Vagaro using the blue button above.  This allows us to know you are coming and it gives you the convenience of paying with your credit card. 

~ To participate in Yoga at Common Fence Point and the Norman Bird Sanctuary,  you will need to book your class using Vagaro because space is limited.  You can book the class and pay $10 cash when you arrive as well as signing a liability and Covid waiver. 

There is a FREE Vagaro app available for download in order to book your class as well as take any virtual classes on your mobile phone.  Be sure NOT to download the "Vagaro Pro" app, which costs money, that is for studio owners only.

Clicking the blue button above will take you to to create your free account & book in-person or livestream classes.

Please email or call/text if you have booking questions: 860-965-9995

Namaste, Rev Shelley

Class Schedule for May and June 2021

Yoga for All at the Norman Bird Sanctuary:
Wednesdays: 9:30AM
Saturdays: 9:30AM beginning Saturday, June 5th and run through September.  I also plan to offer Full Moon Yoga there June 25th, July 23rd, August 23rd and Sept 20th.

Yoga for All at Common Fence Point
Thursdays: 9:30AM beginning Thursday, May 13th. 
Mondays: Gentle Yoga at 6:00PM will be offered as a free sample May 24th and then begin weekly June 7th.  No class Memorial Day.
 *CFP classes are also available to attend virtually via Zoom on Vagaro.

June Yoga for All at Third Beach - Beginning June 5th.  Here is the June schedule.
Mondays: 7AM Tai Chi Easy with Kathy Kenney, 6 PM Yoga with Lori Silvia
Tuesdays: 7AM Yoga with Rev Shelley, 6 PM Yoga with Rev Shelley
Wednesdays: 7AM Yoga with Lori Silvia, 6 PM Yo-Gong (awesome blend of yoga & qigong) with Kathy Kenney
Thursdays: 7AM Yoga with Rev Shelley, 6PM Yoga with Rev Shelley
Fridays: TBA
Saturdays: 7AM Yoga with Rev Shelley
Sundays: 7AM Yoga with Rev Shelley